All times at 18:00-20:00 CN, 11:00-13:00 UK

March 29

Christine Lee – Welcome

Caoimhe Clerkin (Queen’s University Belfast) – Chinese student expectations to a UK Transnational Education Programme [Recording]

Networking breakout sessions

April 12

Joao Ponciano (University of Glasgow) – Using Digital Badges in Monitoring and Student Engagement [Recording]

April 19

Mike Groves (Surrey International Institute, DUFE) – From Sudden Pivot to Embedded Practice. How EAP May Need to Adjust in a Post Covid World. [Recording]

Pip McDonald (Royal Agricultural University) – Signed, Sealed & (Digitally) Delivered, Developing a Technology-Enhanced Transnational Learning (TETL)Toolkit [Recording]

Duncan Bremner (University of Glasgow) – Using MCQ quizzes to monitor Student progress in TNE [Recording]

April 26

Vindya Wijeratne, Atm S. Alam, Ethan Lau (Queen Mary University of London-Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) – Practical Approaches to Teaching and Learning on the QMUL-BUPT Joint Programme through Case Studies [Recording]

Sajjad Hussain (University of Glasgow) – Tools to Gauge Student Engagement [Recording]

Michael Daw & Sofia Shan (Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Joint Institute) – Comparing Transition Experiences in the UK with those on a TNE Programme in China [Recording]

May 10

Yan Li (Zhejiang University) – Assessment and Monitoring of Learning and Student Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic at ZJU: Current Status and Challenges [Recording]

Ahmed El Hashash (Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Joint Institute) – Improving the Assessment and Monitoring of Learning of Students: Potential Solutions and Strategies [Recording]

Chris Wood (Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh) – Back to Face-to-Face Learning and Lessons Learned from the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Education [Recording]

May 17

Xiaoxiao Ren (Southampton Ocean Engineering Joint Institute at Harbin Engineering University) – Evaluating the Student Experience of Teaching Quality at HEU-UoS JEI [Recording]

Charity Campbell (Surrey International Institute at Dongbei University of Finance & Economics) – Enriching Student Online Learning Experiences through Virtual Engagement Practices [Recording]